Watching Out in a Big City

Being from the Midwest, and of a rather boring country raising, I never got into drugs. That’s not to say that certain drugs don’t have their merits.¬†Marijuana honestly shouldn’t even be considered one in my book (I don’t smoke it for several reasons, one being ridiculous multiple day sinus headaches at the smell of any smoke). Still nothing about anything from Mary Jane up even sparked my interest. I’ve just had other avenues of interest, I keep relatively busy, and have never really enjoyed being around people who ARE doing drugs. Now many years later, living here in Dallas, I am honestly beginning to see why.

Cocaine, opium, acid, ecstasy, crack, and last of all but certainly not least meth are massive drain away and are a destructive force in a person’s life and everyone around them (I know, I know, there are way more drugs out there then I am familiar with unlisted here). Still they are a part of our culture and society, and even a larger part of the gay communities’. I hate to say it, but regarding the clubbing, raving, partying scene to party in Dallas flat out means ‘come do some crystal meth.’ Other cities and areas it can mean participation in a wide variety of drugs and pass times, but not Dallas. It makes the community here that much riskier in their behavior. It’s used as a sex drug. From what I have been told, apparently you fuck like a race horse and never finish when on the stuff. Or if you do, it’s hours into it.

That sounds like a nightmare for your ass, is your asking me. 

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A Starting Point

As this is the first time I have ever blogged, and journaling was never my thing. This blog is to detail and account my life in Dallas, the community, the experiences, and a side of gay world that I can see. What all that entails, I guess I will figure that out as I go.

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